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QX-8D series qucik-hot faucets

Product features

Germany "xunchi" heating Technology
1. It adopts Germany "xunchi" heating technology,which can be quick-hot in one second .It reach
the limit technology of speed.
2. Make sure that inside wall and the heater element never buildups scale , gets rusty and corropts.
Built-in double-wall structure to ensure safety
Cold and hot water double water access

Automatic flow switch
Red, blue two-color light
Pipe nozzle

The distinctive dual-handle control water system


QX-8D Main technical parameters
Rated voltage


Rated power


The maximum power limit


Work pressure


Structural Feature

Open export

power ,heat 

Control Mode
Constant Power
Control accuracy
Manual adjustment
Power diameter

+1.5mm2  Copper

flow contral

Manual adjustment knob

speed of heating

1 second

Installation location

wash room , kitchen